Manufacturing solutions using data collection terminals

Rugged Fixed Computers and Data Collection Terminals For Manufacturing

When you are looking for industrial data collection terminals to track and control your manufacturing inventory and assembly process, you're not just looking for computers, you're looking for computing workhorses that can survive and perform in the most demanding environments. Percon brings you industrial data collection terminals that can survive in industrial operations like manufacturing. As industrial computer manufacturers, we're currently offering two models: Phoenix 104 and 104E. If you think computers require highly customized surroundings and favorable temperature, don't let this deter your plans to computerize your manufacturing processes. Forget about creating a custom environment for your computers; now the Percon data collection terminals come customized to your environment. No matter what is your work environment, your company can leverage the astonishing abilities our systems to improve productivity, automate processes, reduce errors, and enhance customer service.

Industrial Computers Built For Your Environment

Data collection terminals on manufacturing floor
With open architecture and a variety of ports, our data collection terminals are suited for all mission critical computing. They can read data from bar code readers, scanners, RFID reception, touch screen interface and manual entries and provide you manufacturing and inventory information in real-time. Worried about how to store or manage data? You don't need extra hard drives (and run the risk of losing them or breaking them); you can store your data in the Compact Flash or SD Flash drive embedded into the computer.

Our rugged fixed and mobile data terminals are movable, adaptable and they can be completely tailored to your specific requirement. Whether you want to embed them in existing machines, or mount them on a panel or a wall or fit them on your vehicle's dashboard, there is no limit to where you can use these durable fixed mount computers. Unlike normal computing devices you don't have to worry about the conditions under which you'll be operating our industrial data collection terminals, because they can easily bear the onslaught of
  • Extreme temperature variations from freezing to scorching temperatures
  • Water and oil — whether rain water or from forceful hose, whether doused or submerged
  • Dirt, grease and dust
  • Jerks, bumps, jarrings and torturous vibrations

Phoenix 104 and 104E can be used in manufacturing assembly, warehouses, factory floors, and they can also be used safely under the most extreme circumstances. In order to make them perform non-stop under taxing environments our industrial fixed mount computer and mobile data terminals come equipped with the following ingredients and features:
  • Sealed aluminum casing
  • Waterproof connections
  • Waterproof external keyboard
  • Touch screen keyboard
  • Sunlight-legible display
  • Compact Flash and SD memory storage
  • Hear-through high volume speakers for noisy environments
in addition to these features our industrial fixed and mobile computer has the capacity to absorb violent vibrations, as an added data and connectivity security measure.

Terminal Emulation For Legacy Software

Worried about not being able to run your legacy applications like enterprise resource planning or some other custom-made applications? Not a problem with our fixed and mobile data terminals. You can run all your legacy applications with terminal emulation. Emulation allows you to have the same or similar interface and features (and ability to port your existing data and report designs) when you switch over to our industrial data collection terminals.