Percon Products FAQ

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Percon has compiled this list of questions to help prospects, customers and Partners alike understand the the company and its products. These FAQs pertain to Percon, rugged fixed and vehicle computer products, new development projects, our community, and our industries. After your review, If you have any further questions regarding Percon or its products, please contact us.

Percon is part of Datalogic? Isn’t it?.
The new Percon is a separate manufacturing/engineering company and we are not related to Datalogic.

PSC purchased the old Percon in 2000, and the Percon products and employees were merged into PSC. Percon ceased to exist. Datalogic purchased PSC couple years ago and now operate as Datalogic Scanning and Datalogic Mobile.

However, Percon has a great history in AIDC. It is a name associated with quality products and excellent service. All of the partners in the new Percon originally worked at the old Percon and we are committed to continuing that tradition.

Is Percon another PDT or AIDC company?
Percon is an engineering and manufacturing company. We are focused on one AIDC product line; Rugged Vehicle Computers. That’s all! We believe that in concentrating on a single product line, we can deliver products that are consistently current in technology and be able to support our client base more effectively. “Fattening up” our product portfolio will only dilute our resources and increase our operating costs.

Why build another VMT? Motorola, LXE, Psion are already big players. You’ll have too much competition!
That’s a good question that most of our investors, friends and relatives have asked too. The answer is two-fold:
  1. Today’s big players do provide VMTs but they are a “step-child” to their product line. The VMT projects do not get the get the funding and resources that the PDTs projects do. The result is that the VMTs are generally behind in technology (few and slow upgrades) or the VMT offering is an OEM. There are just three US manufacturers that produce VMTs as their primary product and the majority of their sale are direct.

  2. We did our homework when we did the marketing research in the viability of starting a VMT manufacturing company. Venture Development Corporation (VDC) also supplied us with solid industry financial and competitive data. The Reader’s Digest version is: VMTs’ are a $250 Million market with a CAGR of 7%. That offers Percon a great opportunity. We are not looking to be a multi billion dollars conglomerate. We’ll be VERY happy with 5% of the market and we plan to get there one rugged computer at a time!

What makes Percon product better or different than the competitors?
Attention to our customers needs. Not all customers have the same needs in a VMT. Several of our competitors have a “one-size fits all” product with features to try to satisfy all possible applications. These products are larger and more expensive than most customers need, Percon’s products have been designed with options and accessories that result in the right computer for your environment.

"End user wants the same vendor for their solution!"
We hear that a lot but if you analyze it, you can see that an end user buys products from different vendors… i.e. forklifts, racking, PCs, network infrastructure, software and other business equipment. What they are really looking for is a trusted source that they rely on to resolve their issues. If you develop a good relationship, the client will buy from you… whatever you recommend.

You just have one product! What is your product roadmap?
After the inaugural release of the Percon Phoenix104/104e we plan on subsequent release of a Windows XP version. In the future we will introduce two new VMTs with 12.1” display and a smaller display version. The Percon goal is to “right-size” the VMT to the customers’ needs and to provide a rugged terminal with JUST the required features at the right price (“kind of like Dell”)

Longer term plans include a portable rugged tablet. Essentially a VMT that is not limited to a vehicle mount. That will open opportunities in more industries.

You’re essentially a startup? Why take risk with a new company?
The questions really addresses three areas of typical concern when dealing with a new company; experience, product quality, and financial stability. Let’s look at each:
Believe it or not but this is not the first time we’ve put a rugged computer together. Yes… we’ve done this before but for other companies. Our combined engineering, marketing, and sales experience in this industry is over 100 Years!
Our engineering and manufacturing process adheres to strict quality control processes. Remember… we’ve done this before.
Financial Stability
Percon has the financial backing to pursue our plans. We’ve weathered the recession and 2010 should be a good year. The last year has shown that size doesn’t matter as much as careful planning and execution. We are planning for a controlled growth through a lean operation. Our intention is NOT to become a multi-billion dollar conglomerate but to attain a 5% market share of a $250 million market.

Which industries does Percon plan to concentrate in? Where do your products fit?
Our initial target and plan is ‘stick” with what we know best; supply chain logistics in manufacturing and wholesale trade. We are also planning on penetrating transportation. In reality, the need of our partners will dictate the direction of our product. But our marketing focus will be within the industries mentioned.