Warehouse solutions with Percon forklift Computers

An Industrial Forklift Computer for Your Warehouse

Are you planning to computerize all the functions of your warehouse? A warehouse is not just a building you use to store goods. Many men and women work there, lots of machinery moves around, there are forklifts picking up and placing down packages and goods, thousands of items are packed and unpacked, orders are processed and the inventory turns happen in the blink of an eye. How do you make sense of what is where, how much you have at what time, who is handling or not handling what, how much you are going to have after a particular time and what goods move more than others? What you need is WMS software and industrial forklift computers that can operate in your environment. You need the Percon mobile data terminals.

Warehouse Solution: Rugged Industrial Computer, Barcodes, RFID, and WMS Software

Forklift Computer in busy warehouse
A mobile forklift computer from Percon has the required ruggedness not just to survive in your warehouse, but enable you to track and audit your inventory. The industrial computers can process barcodes and data can be entered using touch screen interface, keyboard, wireless devices, and even by voice. Our industrial PCs can survive extreme hot and cold temperatures, they can bear the onslaught of water and oil even through a hosepipe or due to submersion, they have no problem with dust, industrial particles, grease and grime. Since you may use them on moving forklifts and other vehicles and machines that run around in a typical warehouse, our computers have the ability to withstand violent jerks and vibrations.

Our Phoenix 104 and 104E products, are tailored to suit your warehousing requirements. They can be easily powered by 9V to 60V connections. They can have full Internet access. You can mount them anywhere you feel like and you can operate them in any situation and physical condition, whether you are standing, sitting, crouching, lying down under heavy machinery, or even standing upside down.

What makes our vehicle mount computer so sturdy for your warehousing needs? They come in a sealed aluminum casing, water proof external keyboard, sturdy and scratch resistant touch screen keyboard, a display you can see even in bright daylight, high volume speakers to hear MDT warnings or commands and shock resistant Flash hard disk drive to keep your data secure and well-protected.

Terminal Emulation, Forklift Computer and Mobile Data Terminal for Legacy ERP Solution

On top of all this you can also run your legacy applications as terminal emulations. We understand there are some really great resource planning and allocation software applications that you must already be using and you'll prefer that you have the same interface and features (and ability to port your existing data and report designs) when you switch over to our mobile forklift computer.

By the end of the day, what matters is what value you derive when you use our forklift computers in your warehouse and we'd like to assure you with our forklift computer, you don't have to adapt to them, they adapt to you. They come with lowest failure rates and most flexible system adaptability options. They give you the technology you need and the platform your applications demand.