Phoenix-104 mobile data terminals
Phoenix 104 Mobile data terminals

Overview: Phoenix 104 Mobile Data Terminals

The Phoenix 104 are WindowsCE 5.0 and 6.0 rugged and mobile data terminals that provide excellent price/performance power in a compact and ergonomic form with maximum flexibility and durability in a typical environment. In the warehouse, the yard, or on the road, the Phoenix 104 provides the computing power and the communication functions to meet the requirements of today’s lean operations applications.

The Phoenix 104 is a Windows CE based industrial vehicle mounted computer that gives you all the power of Windows with its overhead. It has a lean industrial design that includes core features for day-to-day computing use. Why pay for features that will go unused. These “All in one” mobile data terminals make it ideal for terminal emulation at an attractive price. With its expansion and standard ports, devices can be added for capturing bar codes or reading RFID tags.

Detail Features:

IP 54 Protection: Cast aluminum IP 54 sealed case provides protection for common worker environments. The Phoenix 104 works in dust, rain, and cold temperatures. Easy to install because no covers, gaskets, or special cables are required for installation.

Internal Power Supply: 10V—60V internal isolated power supply with integrated power loss detection and battery backup for protection against data loss. Overvoltage, overcurrent, and reverse polarity protection designed in for total protection. No need for an external pre-regulator which reduces costs and facilitates installation.

Superior Connectivity: Attaching peripherals is made through a variety of ports that includes power integrated RS-232 ports, and dual USB ports. Easily connect laser scanners, RFID tag readers, external keyboard, printer and many more. High performance 802.11 b/g radio allows for wireless connectivity to the existing enterprise network infrastructure.

Display and Touch Screen: A 10.4 TFT active matrix display provides for a crisp, bright and colorful display even in bright lighting. It also includes a resistive touch panel with anti glare coating.

Legacy Applications: Terminal emulation is supported so that legacy terminal applications can be accessed and utilized.

High Volume Sound: Dual high volume speakers are included to support the use of audio feedback or direction.

Processor & Memory
Marvel PXA270 - 520MHz
Up to 2 GB via Compact Flash or SD Flash
Real Time Clock with battery backup

System Software
Windows CE 5.0/6.0

Display & Touch Screen
10.4” TFT Active Matrix Color
640 x 480 VGA
Brightness: 400 cd/m2 (nit)
- Front Panel adjustable
Contrast Ratio: 300:1
Resistive Touch Panel with anti glare coating

Power Supply
9V-60VDC internal power supply
- Fully isolated
- Reverse polarity protection
- Overvoltage protection
- Overcurrent protection
13 foot (4m) power cable
Front panel power switch with power LED
Internal backup battery for power loss prevention with data and real time clock backup

(2) RS-232 Ports (D9M) with selectable power
- (5V or 12V up to 1 amp maximum)
(1) USB host port
(1) USB selectable host/slave.
(2) Internal speakers capable of over 90 db - volume front panel adjustable

Power On/OFF key with Power LED
Up and Down keys allow control of backlight brightness and speaker volume.

Expansion (under top covers)
(1) Compact Flash Type I/II
(1) SD Memory / IO

802.11b/g CF Card
- WiFi and Cisco CCXv3 certified
- Integrated Supplicant
- Choice of internal or external dual diversity antennas

Cast Aluminum with durable powder coating
Size: ( no mount, no antenna)
10.7” x 9.2” x 2.0” (2.6” at connectors)
27.3 cm x 23.4 cm x 5.2 cm (6.6 cm at connectors)

Mounting options
RAM© Mount System
VESA mounting system, 75mm

5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)

Operating Temperature Range
-10°C to +60°C Startup as low as 0°C
Storage Temperature
-30°C to +70°C
5% to 100% RH
IP 54 sealing
Shock and vibration testing exceeds MIL STD 810F

Emissions (EMI) - FCC Part 15 Subpart B, Class B
Immunity (EMC) - EN 55024:1998
802.11g radio separately approved to FCC Part 15, Subpart C
CE and RoHS compliant

Options / Accessories
External keyboard - sealed durable 82 key keyboard
Keyboard mounting bracket
Remote Antenna kits (6’ cable)
CF and SD Memory Cards
AC/DC Power Supply for wall mount applications

SanDiskProduct Mount Product Keyboard Product
SD Memory Cards
Expand the flash memory of the Phoenix 104e with 2 GB Extreme SD Memory Card from SanDisk, the leading name in solid state memory cards.
Fast 20MB/sec ReadWrite speeds, extended Temperature Range and anti-shock/vibration design makes this the perfect memory card for use in the Phoenix 104e.
Limited Lifetime Warranty from SanDisk

RAM Mounts
Several mounts of various sizes are available for mounting the Phoenix 104e to your vehicle. See Accessories for more details.

A NEMA 4 sealed industrial keyboard is available for applications requiring manual data entry. See Accessories for more details.