Doing What We Do Best: Industrial Vehicle Mount Computer Products

Percon's flagship product line of industrial vehicle mount computer products that are designed to operate in the harshest of environments. Whether you need cost effective computing in a warehouse, shop floor or in a public safety environment, the Phoenix industrial forklift computer is the product for you. Our solution will provide you with a computer engineered for reliability and long term durability combined with exceptional service to keep your operation moving without interruptions. Our mobile data terminals are designed and built to the highest standards by professionals who exceed 100 years of experience in engineering industrial computers within the AIDC community.

The rugged vehicle mount computer is a one-piece units including an LCD display with a touchscreen, two powered serial ports, two USB ports, and an Ethernet port built into a sealed metal housing. Two expansion slots are provided, one for Secure Digital cards and one for Compact Flash and/or CardBus cards.

Features include:
  • WinCE operating systems and Intel/Marvel Xscale processor, with SD and Compact Flash expansion slots (Phoenix)
  • 10.4” LCD/touchscreen display size
  • Normal (-10°C to 50°C) and extreme (-30°C to 60°C) operating temperature versions
  • Environmental sealing levels of IP54 (dust and rain resistant) and IP65 (windblown dust and power-wash proof)
  • Onboard Bluetooth (Phoenix 104e)
  • Options for digital cellular
  • Memory cards for extended storage capability
  • Radio communication cards for 802.11g/n and digital cellular (separately or combined)
  • Option for GPS module for location tracking

Operating power can be supplied from 12 volts DC common on internal combustion engines or from 24/36/48 volts DC from electric forklifts. The internal power supply is designed to meet rigorous immunity standards from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE J1113) and the International Standards Organization (ISO 7637-2). The product will also meet FCC and European CE mark standards and include ESD protection to 15kV.

Accessories for the mobile data terminals include components for mounting, and third-party equipment such as keyboards, barcode scanners, and AC power supplies. Third-party applications software such as terminal emulation packages are also be offered via our Partners.

While the primary application is for data collection on vehicles, these products can be used anywhere a one-piece, rugged, sealed forklift computer is needed. Typical extended applications are in unheated warehouses or outdoors where weather resistance is required, but power is available. Other applications include warehousing, manufacturing, forestry, mining, construction, public safety, EMS, military, port logistics and any shipping entity.

Benefits of Using a Rugged Forklift Computer

  • Operate in industrial and extreme environments such as dust, dirt, grime, oil, grease and water (doused or submerged)
  • Work in a freezer
  • Compute outdoors in bright sunlight or in rain, sleet, snow
  • Capture barcode and/or RFID data
  • Computer operations in any vehicle (hard or soft riding)
  • Touchscreen keyboard data entry
  • Hear through high volume speakers for noisy environments
  • Attach to any power source. 10V - 60V internal isolated power supply with integrated power loss detection
  • Run legacy applications with terminal emulation
  • Save data storage with flash drive (no moving parts to break)
  • Optional accessories include mounts, RFID readers, and barcode scanners