Phoenix Vehicle Mount Computer Presentation

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There are few vehicle mount computers manufactured in this AIDC industry. We believe the Percon Phoenix

is the overall best value for the price and features. View this presentation and decide for yourself.

Percon Forklift computer and vehicle mount computer

IntelliTrack & Percon Partner for Vehicle Mount Computer and WMS Solution

Jan. 20, 20011 Eugene, Oregon, Hunt Valley, Maryland. Percon, Inc. and IntelliTrack, Inc. announce their partnership to provide a complete warehouse management and inventory control solution for small to mid-sized companies.  Integrating the IP67 rated Percon vehicle mount computer with IntelliTrack’s WMS software provides industrial manufacturers, cold storage operations and distribution centers with a cost effective logistic tool.

One of IntelliTrack’s most successful and a widely used product is a warehouse management system. IntelliTrack software is affordable, and easy to install. The WMS is feature rich with an intuitive user interface. WMS comes in three cost effective versions that maximize efficiency and optimize labor productivity in warehouses of all sizes. Each version provides the basic functions for warehouse operations, including, receiving, physical inventory, picking and shipping as well as management features including queries, reporting and barcode labeling.

“The IntelliTrack WMS product is ideally suited for industrial manufacturing operations.  Our software provides all the material handling and management functions for a diverse set of Industrial Warehouse environments from manufacturing to distribution.  With its IP67 rating, the Percon Phoenix is the perfect hardware complement for the IntelliTrack WMS software in a rugged environment.” said Ron Pawlowski, COO of IntelliTrack.

Percon designs and manufactures industrial vehicle mount computer products. The Phoenix 104E is a Windows CE 6.0 forklift computer that provides high performance power in a compact and ergonomic form with maximum flexibility and durability in a range of extreme environments. In the warehouse, the yard, the freezer, or on the road, the Phoenix 104E provides the computing power and the communication functions to meet the requirements of today’s demanding applications.

“The rugged engineering of our mobile data terminals is a perfect complement for IntelliTrack WMS and ISRP inventory software. The Phoenix 104e offers a solution that saves time and operates effectively in the harshest environment and severe weather.” said Rob Hougen, President and Engineering Director of Percon.  “We look forward to a renewed partnership with IntelliTrack.” added Mr. Hougen.

About Percon, Inc.

Percon, Inc. engineers, manufactures, sells and distributes industrial forklift computer products that comprise of fixed and vehicle computers for operations suited for the harshest of environments. Application areas would include vertical industries such as warehousing, cold storage, transportation, military and public safety. Our technology includes our Phoenix flagship products; a one piece rugged IP 65 rated industrial vehicle mount computers.  For more information on Percon forklift computers, please visit

About IntelliTrack, Inc.
IntelliTrack, Inc. is the leading developer of affordable software applications for bar code, RFID, batch and WiFi (RF) data collection. Specializing in Inventory and Asset Management IntelliTrack applications include inventory control, warehouse management, and asset tracking. IntelliTrack software runs on mobile computers from Motorola, Datalogic and Unitech. More than 20,000 copies of IntelliTrack software have been deployed on over 50,000 mobile computers and wireless terminals worldwide. For further information, visit

Vehicle Mount Computer Comparison Matrix

Compare Percon Phoenix 104e features with the leading manufactures.  I’m positive that you’ll agree that our vehicle mount computers are the top rated units for the price/features.

Build Quote for Percon Phoenix

The catalog listing page of our primary vehicle mount computers is listed below. You can quickly compute your cost by multiplying the list price by your desired quantity. Both the Phoenix 104 & 104e standard features are listed on the product pages. If you require additional accessories, please contact Percon.

The Phoenix 1Percon Phoenix Engineering Figure04 and 104e are Windows CE 6.0 based fixed or vehicle mount computers. It has a very compact design and includes a touchscreen keyboard entry for simple data collection which requires little to minimal training. With its numerous ports and expandability, additional peripherals can be added for capturing barcodes or reading RFID tags. With is features, reliability, and competitive base cost, the Phoenix vehicle mount computer is a cost effective investment.
Part# Description List Price
PRCN-PHX-104 Phoenix 104 Forklift Computer $2,999
PRCN-PHX-104e Phoenix 104e Vehicle Mount Computer $3,499

We periodically have special promotions. Check our current offer.

Percon Sales & Special Promotion

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Marketing is looking for more success stories and the management wants more sales. So we are now

offering our Phoenix 104 and Phoenix 104e at a 25 % discount.

List price for the Phoenix 104: $2,990

Now $2,245

List price for the Phoenix 104e: $3,499

Now $2,625

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Percon Teams Up for RFID and Vehicle Mount Computer Solution

Eugene, OR and Tarpon Springs, FL (December 15, 2010) – Silent Partner Technologies and Percon, Inc. have combined their respective products to deliver a forklift computer RFID solution. By integrating SPT RTLS, RFID technology and the Percon vehicle computer products into an effective forklift locator system, a warehouse manager can now instantly locate his specific forklift in any area of his expansive operation.

“Our real time locator system (RTLS) for forklifts has been proven to be very effective”, said Ted Kostis, president of Silent Partner Technologies. “With just a few additional accessories, you can combine actuators to provide a forklift safety warning system too.” SPT has engineered their RFID RTLS for small to very large distribution areas with the objective of being effective and very affordable.

” Installation is so quick and easy that customers wonder why they have not installed it sooner.  Most installations are stand-alone and require no IT involvement.  The system can also bypass Wi-Fi systems and not rob bandwidth from current applications”  – Ted Kostis, Silent Partner Technologies

“Finding the specific forklift in a large manufacturing floor or a distribution center is very difficult and time consuming.  By adding an RFID tag within our forklift computer and assigning it to the SPT RTLS gives a warehouse or distribution manager a very beneficial tool”, said James Budniakiewicz, Senior Partner with Percon.

About Percon, Inc.

Percon is a recognized innovator in the AIDC/barcoding/RFID industries. Percon, Inc. engineers, manufactures, sells and distributes industrial fixed, vehicle and vehicle mount computer products for operations suited for the harshest of environments. Application areas would include vertical industries such as warehousing, oil exploration, manufacturing, cold storage, transportation, military and public safety. Percon products are the results of over 90 years of AIDC experience plus they are complemented with the quality support service expected from the Percon legacy.

For more information on the Percon forklift computer products, please visit

About Silent Partner Technologies

Silent Partner Technologies, based in Tarpon Springs, Fla., is a software developer and systems integrator of leading edge RFID applications and solutions. Our RFID products enable our customers to collect, track and manage data for various valuable assets in a variety of environments and in real time. For more information, visit

Top 3 Forklift Application tools

Creative Commons License RFID and Vehicle Computer  Work in Concert with a Forklift Application

Now that you have a forklift and handling pallets and those other large loads, how can you improve on your productivity and warehouse operation?
These are several things you can do:

Forklift Delivery

  • Add a forklift computer
  • Install forklift application such as a WMS
  • Implement a warehouse management system
  • add RFID for a RTLS, data collection, and forklift driving safety.

Here is how you’ll benefit from each:

  1. A forklift computer will enable your driver to communicate with your enterprise application to direct all of the material handling functions such as receiving, putaway, picking and shupping. Plus a few other inventory management tasks.
  2. A WMS is the top forklift application on wheels.  It enables the forklift operator to be more productive by enabling him to accurately and expeditiously perform all task in point #1
  3. Adding an RFID tag places a real time readable identification to the forklift.  With this accessory, a forklift can be located via an RTLS (real time locator system). The RFID tag can also used to activator for nearby lighting and or audible sound machine(s) to provide a safety and warning system for warehouse employees approaching a moving forklift vehicle. All these RFID applications can be implemented by our business solutions partners.

Technology such as an industrial rugged computer with RFID and WMS software enables a warehouse or distribution center or manufacturing company to improve its operation and productivity while providing its employees with a safe environment.

Data Collection Solution Includes Industrial Computer

Data collection solution in an industrial environment requires industrial computers.  Information is most accurate when collected at the point of origin.  So when information is gathered on a manufacturing floor, out in the field or in any other harsh environment, its data collection system must contain industrial touch PC, scanners, barcodes, tag reader that are rated for that environment.  An industrial touchscreen PC eliminates the need for a volatile keyboard and the screen accommodates “fat” fingers with gloves. Sealed casing  provides internal components protection from heat, dust and water.

Many solution providers evaluate the environmental conditions for the data collection solution and provide the “best of breed” components to the the requirements. VARs such as Efficient Business Systems and ValuTrack offer many industrial rated components within their recommended solutions including the Percon industrial touch PC products.

Percon Vehicle Computer

Mobile Datata Computer and Bar coding

Forklift Mounted Computer Tracks the Heavy Loads

Forklifts do the heavy lifting.  Forklift mounted computers track the material and operations performed by the forklift operator including those uncontrolled accidents.  A rugged computer mounted on a forklift can receive or record information from many sources.

  • Shock detector to record collisions
  • RFID readers to capture item ID or/and current locations
  • Bar codes and scanners to track material and inventory
  • Touchscreen and industrial keyboards for manual data entries and inquiries
  • GPS to confirm location and destinations especially in large yards.

All these technologies enable the forklift mounted computer and its operator to do the heavy “data” lifting in any large load operation.  Follow the link for more detailed description of our Phoenix forklift computer

Victoria and Albert MuseumVictoria and Albert Museum

photo credit: Metro Centric operating in a warehouse.

Vehicle Mounted Computer in Public Safety Sector (Police, EMS, Fire Dept)

Imagine a police car or a firetruck without a vehicle mounted computer!  How effective would a policeman or a fireman be without the information required for they day to day operation?  Inquiries about a license tag, location of an incident, and filing various on the road all require a mobile data terminal terminal within their transportation vehicle (police car, ambulance or firetruck).

Vehicle Mounted Computer in FiretruckPublic safety sector is exposed to various environments such as continuous pounding and shocks from the road and off-road, weather conditions such as extreme heat, bitter cold and pounding rain and also the chemical pollutants from incident scenes.  These conditions require that the vehicle mounted computer be industrial rated. The Percon rugged industrial computer meets all the specifications of the public service mobile data collection sector.

Follow the link for more details on bar coded and RFID fire department applications.