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Posted by Vehicle Mount Computer on January 1, 2011 at 10:12 am.

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The catalog listing page of our primary vehicle mount computers is listed below. You can quickly compute your cost by multiplying the list price by your desired quantity. Both the Phoenix 104 & 104e standard features are listed on the product pages. If you require additional accessories, please contact Percon.

The Phoenix 1Percon Phoenix Engineering Figure04 and 104e are Windows CE 6.0 based fixed or vehicle mount computers. It has a very compact design and includes a touchscreen keyboard entry for simple data collection which requires little to minimal training. With its numerous ports and expandability, additional peripherals can be added for capturing barcodes or reading RFID tags. With is features, reliability, and competitive base cost, the Phoenix vehicle mount computer is a cost effective investment.
Part# Description List Price
PRCN-PHX-104 Phoenix 104 Forklift Computer $2,999
PRCN-PHX-104e Phoenix 104e Vehicle Mount Computer $3,499

We periodically have special promotions. Check our current offer.

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