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About Percon, Inc.

Percon, Inc. is a recognized innovator in the AIDC/barcoding/RFID industries. Percon engineers, manufactures, sells and distributes rugged computer products that includes fixed and vehicle computer products for operations suited for the harshest of environments. Percon products enables improved worker and equipment efficiencies for mobile commercial/industrial applications by providing easy to use, rugged, reliable, mounted mobile computers in a variety of configurations at reasonable prices, backed with exceptional customer service.

Eugene OR Percon office and assembly of vehicle computer products
Percon previously existed in Eugene, Oregon, and the Percon name has wide recognition with a history for creative products and excellent customer service in the mobile computer and AutoID industry. From 1994 through 1999 Percon was one of the fastest-growing mobile computer companies in North America, specializing in handheld mobile computers and data collection. This business was sold to PSC, Inc, now Datalogic. All the founders of the new Percon worked for the previous Percon. The resurrection of the Percon name has tremendous value to the new organization and to the AIDC/barcoding industry.

Percon Incorporated is a corporation independent from Datalogic and the Datalogic Group of Companies.  Although Percon has a contractual relationship with Datalogic ADC, it has no other legal or financial affiliation with Datalogic ADC, or its predecessors, Datalogic Mobile Inc., Datalogic Scanning Inc., PSC Inc. and PSC Scanning Inc.  For information on Datalogic products see 

Percon Fixed Mounted and Vehicle Computer Products

A key to supporting these computers is good product design. Percon’s product development team consists entirely of seasoned professionals of the Automatic Identification industry (AutoID) each with fourteen to twenty-nine years of experience building mobile computers. Internal core competencies are in mobile power supplies, digital electronics, display technology, and radio integration, along with operating system software.

Our technology includes our Phoenix flagship products: a one piece rugged IP 65/67 rated industrial vehicle computer. Our products are a results of over 90 years of AIDC experience and 45 years on industrial computers engineering knowledge plus they are complemented with the quality support service expected from the Percon legacy.

Application solutions include vertical industries for our “All in One” vehicle computer products:
  • Wahehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Police – Fire – EMS – Home Land Security operations
  • Federal, State & Local Government
  • Fire Trucks & working utility vehicles
  • Port logistics
  • Transportation operations

Why Partner With Percon and Use Our Mobile Data Terminal Products?

“Easy to do Business With“ is Percon's Motto

We have a philosophy that the customer is our source for being in business. We are “just right” sized company - very mobile and quick to act . We are willing and able to meet your requests, even if they are outside our normal oprating procedure. We are also your “One Stop Resource” source for solutions. We'll provide you with quality industrial fixed and vehicle computer systems, and provide you all the accessories and sevices through our network of partners.

One Satisfied Customer at a Time

Percon is young company but patient. We want to earn your business one satisfied customer at a time. We want you to be a satisfied customer that will revisit us. Allow us to meet and exceed your expectations and prove that Percon is your best solution for your industrial computer needs.

Pricing, Performance, and Service

Percon provides its customers with the best price/performance industrial fixed and vehicle computer products in the industrial markets along with the most responsive service and support.

Customer Driven

Be assured that your inquiry is important. Whether you are a customer or a prospect, we will always answer your call, answer questions, emails and voice mails, respond to requests for quotes, and resolve any problems or issues, etc. as fast as possible.

Knowledgeable Technical Support

Well-trained application engineers are always available and ready to assist our customers for both pre-sales and post-sales support. We know our products inside and out. Our staff is also exposed to many industries with vehicle based solutions and will most likely know your industry very well.

Warranty and Guarantee

We offer a standard one-year warranty for all industrial products and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our manufactured computer products.